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Battery Changing Equipment

The Power
The Power... Individual specification sheet available. When it comes to battery changing equipment and systems, industries around the world come to Materials Transportation Company. That’s because MTC is uniquely qualified to help companies like yours meet the challenge of battery changing both now and in the future. Utilizing MTC’s team of engineers, designers, and sales and service professionals, you can harness the power of change with efficient, dependable systems designed for any workload and budget.

With MTC products, you’re assured of state-of-the-art, long-lasting equipment and systems designed with safety in mind that deliver increased productivity for many years to come. MTC understands that your facility will grow, so we design our systems to be expandable — to grow right along with you.

of Change
Whether your electric truck fleet is small or large, MTC has a side removal system that’s right for your application. Our portable changing systems include the non-powered Battery Transporter with Mechanical Loader. If your changing needs require a powered portable system, consider MTC’s Attach-A-Puller and Walk-A-Puller models.

Power Changer™
Larger fleets demand more power, and MTC’s industry-standard Power Changer™ is your solution. Power Changers™ provide a safe, dependable way to change batteries quickly and efficiently without operator fatigue. MTC Power Changers™ are available in single or double compartment models and from a single level up to a six high system to allow for the most efficient use of your floor space and budget.


Battery Management

Efficient motive battery management cuts wasted energy and labor costs
"We are getting all the life we can out of a battery and all possible quality of performance. And we know when we need to replace a battery. All of this reduces the number of battery changes which adds to our productivity."

Looking for a way to cut energy costs and improve battery performance? Would you like to use fewer batteries and chargers? Do you want to save money by changing batteries less often? Achieve all these goals with EBatt - the world's most advanced battery room management system.
Substantially reduce your operations costs by knowing the optimum number of batteries and chargers you need and when to replace them.


Food Processing Solutions

Your needs continue to change.
With today’s increased competition, changing regulations, greater emphasis on sanitation and safety, and adapting to the demands of a diverse consumer market, you need equipment that will serve your processing needs both now and into the future.

MTC understands and meets your needs.
Through innovation, experience, and dependability, MTC continues to set the standard with a full line of equipment for the meat, poultry and food processing industries. With the goals of producing greater yield and higher profit margins, our systems and individual components provide the maximum in efficiency and economy.

Since 1946, companies all over the world have depended on Materials Transportation Company (MTC) for the finest in dumpers, blenders, cookers, conveyors, and other processing equipment. Utilizing the latest in computer-aided design capabilities, MTC engineers design all of our products to be high quality, fast and safe, and expandable.

The MTC team takes the time to study individual needs and challenges, and create innovative solutions for specific applications. MTC backs every product with responsive and professional sales and service staff and the strongest commitment to customer service.
Today MTC continues to serve the needs of meat, poultry, and food processors, providing quality and dependability at a cost to fit any budget. MTC sets the standard with individual components and systems that provide the maximum in efficiency and economy while providing the cleanest design available.

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