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Battery Changing Equipment

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Man Aboard Changers

Multi-Level Battery Changers

The Power Changer™ is MTC’s top-of-the line battery changer for facilities that can’t afford to slow down. The larger the fleet, the more important space utilization becomes and that’s why Power Changers™ are so important to so many companies.

Whether you require a single level battery changing operation, or a multi-stacking system up to six high, the MTC Power Changers™ provide positive, safe battery changing without operator fatigue.

In fact, the twin-compartment Power Changer™ is so efficient that it can extract the discharged battery and replace it with a fresh one in under two minutes – all with no operator contact with the battery except for connecting and disconnecting the charger.

MTC’s Power Changer series is the ultimate in side removal battery changing equipment, allowing you to fully utilize your available space – whether it reaches out or up!


Portable Battery Changers

MTC’s DC powered portable battery changers offer safety and flexibility at an economical price.

Battery Charging Stations

Battery Charging Stations

Gantry Crane Systems

Gantry Crane Systems

The PowerCrane is designed specifically for changing batteries in sit down riders and other types of lift trucks that do not allow for side extraction.

Battery Washing Systems

Battery Washing Systems

The MTC Battery Wash Cabinet is designed to wash lift truck batteries in a totally enclosed environment and then "blow dry" the batteries as they are removed.
The MTC Battery Wash Cabinet is specifically designed to help reduce environmental problems associated with battery cleaning


Battery Changer Accessories

OSHA regulations state that all employers must provide the equipment necessary for cleaning-up hazardous battery electrolyte spills. The battery Emergency Response Kit (BERK) offered by MTC provides all the materials you need to safely contain and clean-up battery electrolyte spills.

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