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Food Processing Solutions

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Food Processing Cookers

The SmartCooker is a flexible, state-of-the-art cooker that provides consistency while cooking a wide variety of products. Its PC-based controller makes it smart enough to remember cooking times and temperatures. Its low pressure indirect steam or direct injection steam yields a consistent, flavorful product every time.


Food Processing Dumpers

All MTC Dumpers are known for their quality construction, fast and safe operation, and the cleanest designs available. Utilizing years of experience, our systems engineers have the knowledge and understanding to design dumpers and dumping systems that combine efficiency and dependability for your specific application. Each comes complete with a power unit and controls. Numerous options provide the flexibility you need, from portability to powered travel, special hold downs, liners, and chutes.


Food Processing Blenders

Whether you’re adding to an existing system or purchasing as part of an MTC system, our Blenders provide many unique design features that offer tremendous advantages for your specific application. MTC Blenders are electrically or hydraulically powered, and different cover configurations are available as needed. MTC Blenders are used in the meat, poultry, convenience food, pet food and seafood industries.


Food Processing Conveyors

Screw Conveyors MTC’s Screw Conveyors are available in diameters from 6" to 24". They are designed to fit every need, from customized hoppers to inclines, pivot and elevated tracks. All MTC Conveyor units feature stainless steel construction, sanitary design, and hinged trough covers with safety interlocks.


Food Processing Loaders

Storage Loaders are a variation of screw conveyors used for temporary storage or surge in a production process. They can be used for continuous formulation or metered control.


Tomato Paste Systems

Get higher yields and reduced labor with MTC's rugged Tomato Paste System. The TPS is designed to produce tomato based products with minimal product spillage and loss. MTC's specialized hold-down ensures you get all of the paste and none of the bag. Constructed of long-lasting stainless steel, this system will provide your facility with years of enhanced productivity.


IQF Breakers

If your facility just can't afford to slow down, MTC's new Final Breaker is the perfect product to keep your individually quick frozen (IQF) product moving. Designed to break IQF product/the Final Breaker utilizes rotating breakers to reduce frozen blocks of meat or vegetables back to their IQF state. Sizer bars allow you to dictate the size of the product after it's broken up. A screw discharge conveyor then moves the product to its next destination. As with all MTC equipment, your Final Breaker is made of stainless steel for easy maintenance. If you've got IQF product that's not broken, a Final Breaker from MTC is exactly what you need. Call our sales office or visit our website for more information.

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