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Portable Battery Changers

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Batter Transporter with Mechanical Loader

Battery Transporter with Mechanical Loader

Taking Charge of Your Changing Needs

MTC’s non-powered battery changer is designed for smaller lift truck fleets that need easier battery changing.

The BT Series Battery Transporter is the ideal battery handler for facilities with relatively small lift truck fleets.

This stout little machine can handle batteries weighing up to 3,000 lbs., and is available in manually powered and electrically powered models. The numerous configurations and options available for this unit allow you to tailor the battery transporter to meet your specific needs and applications. For more detailed information, contact your authorized MTC representative.

Consult factory for special ...


EZ Puller Portable Battery Changers

The inexpensive alternative to powered transfer carts.

The EZ Puller Model EZP-24 portable battery transfer cart is the inexpensive alternative to powered transfer carts. The EZ Puller is ideal for facilities that require only a few battery changes each day. The Model EZP-24 can be mounted to a single pallet truck or it can be ordered with convenient fork pockets for use on multiple trucks (Fork pockets are available for standard fork sizes 27"x42" or 48" in length.)
The unit features a 4-to-1 hand crank that makes it easy to remove or replace lift truck batteries. The safety latch located in front of the battery carriage is used to lock the battery in place while it's being transported.


Attach-A-Puller Battery Transporter

Turns a pallet jack into a portable battery changer

The ABP is an economical attachment for a pallet jack. Powered from the pallet jack battery and limited to the host truck’s height capability, the ABP is a safe, affordable and flexible small fleet battery changer.
Capacity is based on the pallet jack load capacity and overall fork length. (refer to spec sheet.)

For more information, request individual specification sheet or MTC product bulletin.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Walk-A-Puller Battery Changer

The Economical Battery Changer
The WBP is a completely portable battery changer for the small fleet with a variety of battery compartment heights up to 27".
The Walk-A-Puller (WBP) is designed handle a wide variety of lift truck and motive power applications from the low profile AGV batteries to the high capacity turret trucks and counter balance trucks.

The WBP combines its own power and drive unit, carriage assembly and - attachment system to give you a portable, but complete, heavy-duty battery handler. The unit's ease of operation allows qualified lift truck operators to safely and easily change their own lift truck batteries. The Walk-A-Puller is recommended for those applications requiring 20 to 40 battery ...

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